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Secret Circus Openly Relies on TASCAM

Moving seamlessly between Stockholm, Sweden and southern New Mexico, twin brothers Klas (aka Captain) and Joel Åhman are Secret Circus. The brothers call their music "an eclectic mix of Pagan Country, Gangster Folk, and Death Jazz," but that doesn't begin to do it justice. The brothers also produce video for other bands, recording extensively in the field and completing production at Secret Circus Studio They are committed to delivering a high fidelity experience, and to capture high-end sound in the field, they rely on TASCAM microphones and portable digital recorders.

Zildjian Gen16

Get It In Writing worked with Zildjian to create an unheralded multimedia campaign to introduce the brand to the industry, the media, and the world. Its debut at the NAMM convention garnered unprecedented media buzz, including AP Network News, CNN, MSNBC, KTLA Los Angeles, L.A. Times, and Wired News.

Nicki Sun’s Productions Shine with TASCAM DR-10L

Host, videographer, producer, editor, and director Nicki Sun is equally capable behind and in front of the camera. Sun has produced television shows and other content for Myx TV, Verizon, Chef Martin Yan, and Google, as well as Valley Performing Arts Center at California State University, Northridge, where she manages digital and new media. She also produces and hosts Now You Know, an online talk show where she interviews aspiring and inspiring freelance creative artists, musicians, and assorted entertainers and entrepreneurs. On top of all that, Sun acts in TV commercials, hosts events, and has earned a reputation as an emerging leader in new media. She relies on her TASCAM DR-10L for portable, ultra-low-profile recording during shoots.

Ampeg Makes Life Easy for Sean McNabb

TV and film actor, show host, writer, singer, composer, and bass player—Sean McNabb is best known for his bass work with such bands as Quiet Riot, Dokken, Great White, Lynch Mob, and House of Lords. Through it all, he has relied exclusively on Ampeg bass amps.

University of Birmingham’s Digital Humanities Hub Reinvents UX

Birmingham, UK… Museums have long embraced technology as a means of enhancing the visitor experience. But the University of Birmingham’s Digital Humanities Hub is an elaborate fusion of research and exhibition space that gives new meaning to the term “interactive.”

Symetrix and Trampolines, A Winning Combination

Each space in Bounce!'s 40,000-square-foot facility requires a high quality and flexible sound system for background music and announcements. We we needed to designed a system with powerful capabilities across multiple zones and very serious digital signal input processing