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SmartAsk 107 – Vance Powell on recording piano

May 20, 2024

SmartAsk 83 – Ed Stasium at NAMM 2023

May 15, 2024
Ed's philosophy on working with the artist.

Insights In Sound – Larry Fast, Synthesist – S 15, E 2

May 14, 2024
His early fascination with synthesis led to touring and recording with legendary musicians including Peter…

SmartAsk 29 – K. C. Mancebo

May 8, 2024
Let's talk about the importance of building the right team.

SmartAsk 02 – Michael Beinhorn

May 6, 2024
Talk about your first encounter with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

SmartAsk 36 – Roger Bechirian, record producer

May 5, 2024
What's your philosophy on the role of the producer?

Insights In Sound – David Helfant, Music Industry Attorney – S15 E1

May 3, 2024
One of a handful of attorneys who manage to balance the legal and creative complexities…

Insights In Sound – Val Garay, Producer – S14, E10

April 24, 2024
He's been behind classic tracks from artists like James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, Kim Carnes, and…
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