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SmartAsk 02 – Michael Beinhorn, Producer

April 12, 2024
Talk about your first encounter with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Full interview:

SmartAsk 134 – Mark Parfitt, Audio Engineer

April 10, 2024
What did you learn in the studios that you didn't learn in recording school?

30 Second Chances – Richard Factor, Co-Founder, Eventide – S 18 E2

April 9, 2024
He's a mad scientist with a mad sense of humor. Let's see how Richard Factor…

SmartAsk 131 – Brian Kehew, Artist/Author/Engineer

April 7, 2024
How has technology and unlimited options impacted the creative process?

Insights In Sound – Denny Tedesco, Filmmaker – Season 14, Ep 9

April 5, 2024
We do a deep dive into Denny's early career and development as a filmmaker, his…

30 Second Chances – Stephen Siegel, Fulcrum Acoustic – S18 E1

March 31, 2024
Stephen Siegel might make good loudspeakers, but no one is safe from the #30secondchances challenge.…

SmartAsk 70 – Ed Stasium, Record Producer

March 30, 2024
Tell us about your first "trial by fire."

SmartAsk 03 – Harmoni Kelley, Bassist

March 26, 2024
How has playing in Kenny Chesney's band enhanced your performance chops?  
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