What We Do

strategic Consulting

You may not know us, but you know our clients – leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs in professional audio, music, video, integrated systems, virtual reality, and immersive technologies.

And that’s how it should be. Because it’s not about us. It’s about the people and companies we represent.

From innovative startups and creative futurists to Fortune 500 leaders, we work with today’s technological visionaries. We understand their work, their users, their products, and their industries.

Coaching for Creatives

We understand the creative mindset. The challenges of launching a project. The details and strategies behind getting started. And the obstacles and logjams that get in the way. 

Our approach spans both business and creative aspects of your work, looking at the big picture and helping you get started to reach your goals, 

We work with you to assess your messaging and align it with your work. To identify what gets in your way, and how to circumvent it. To recognize what catalizes you, and make the most of it. To get started, and to get it done.




If you’re a company or an entrepreneur — we work closely with you to create and execute your business and branding strategies.

If you’re a creative artist — we work with you in groups or one-on-one to help refine your message, define your strategies, and remove your roadblocks. 

We help you get started.

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