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Ft. Wayne, IN – April 2018… Attero Tech, a global provider of innovative, cost-effective AV connectivity solutions, has announced a five year warranty on all the company’s products.

With a complete line of connectivity technologies for installed AV professionals, Attero Tech’s solutions include a range of Dante and AES67 compatible interfaces, including their highly acclaimed unBT series, featuring the industry’s most robust Bluetooth implementation. The company has also announced Dante Domain Manager support for several of their most popular interfaces.

“Attero Tech is proud to announce a new 5 year warranty for all of our products,” remarked Mike Sims, Attero Tech’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “The quality and reliability of Attero Tech gear has proven itself over many years in a huge variety of installations – all over the world. Careful and conservative engineering, combined with quality manufacturing in our facility at Fort Wayne, Indiana, allows us to give all of our customers confidence in every Attero Tech product they purchase and install. We stand behind every product we make, and we’ll stake our reputation on it.”

Learn more about the full line of Attero Tech connectivity solutions at www.atterotech.com.
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