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Ft. Wayne, IN – September 2018… Attero Tech, a leading manufacturer of networked audio solutions, is now shipping the newest addition to its diverse catalog of networked AV products – the Zip4. The Zip4 is a 4-button IP audio paging interface that addresses the unique communications needs of large sporting venues, airport terminals, train stations, convention centers and corporate facilities. Paging audio and bi-directional status data can be routed over a Dante™ or AES67 network to a DSP or other Paging Management System (PMS) controller to distribute paging audio to up to four zones or zone groups.

The Zip4 integrates directly with QSC’s Q-SYS PA router functionality running on a QSC Core series DSP, using  the Zip4’s Q-SYS Designer control plug-in.

Bi-color (red/green) Ready, Busy, and Zone Status LEDs provide simple visible indication of zone and system status.

Please visit the following link for more product and application information.

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