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Fort Wayne, IN, March 2019 – Attero Tech is pleased to announce the appointment of Alphatec Audio Video Pvt Ltd. as our distribution sales partner in India. Since its inception in 2015, Alphatec has become the leading distributor of pro audio equipment across India, with offices in various cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata (Alphatec headquarters). Alphatec was co-founded by Devasis Barkataki and Mayank Gaurav, who together have long experience in the professional AV industry, systems integration and pan-India distribution.

Mike Sims, Attero Tech’s Director of Marketing and Sales said, “I’m so excited to have Alphatec join the Attero Tech family of sales partners. With a team of 25 people working countrywide in sales, pre-sales, marketing and application engineering, Alphatec is well positioned to provide significant support and added value for dealers, systems integrators and consultants in India”.

According to Devasis Barkataki, Alphatec’s Managing Director, “Attero Tech’s connectivity and control products are an excellent complement for many of Alphatec’s other Dante-enabled product lines. Our ability to offer Attero Tech as part of an entire system solution will be a be a unique advantage to our customer base in India”.

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