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Fort Wayne, IN—July 2018… Attero Tech, a leading manufacturer of networked AV connectivity solutions, has released a major firmware update for its unD6IO-BT Dante-networked 4×2 audio wall plate with integrated Bluetooth audio receiver. The new firmware introduces several important new features.

In addition to a standard A2DP Bluetooth streaming media connection, the unD6IO-BT now offers a Bluetooth Call Bridging mode for bridging cell phone audio into a Dante audio system via Bluetooth. With this feature, for example, an off-site team member can join a conference by calling a local team member’s cell phone, which routes the call to the network via the unD6IO-BT’s Bluetooth receiver.

One advantage of the Attero Tech Bluetooth audio plates is the intentional limiting of Bluetooth reconnections. This precludes previous users from automatically reconnecting in public or sensitive spaces, where multiple users may stream audio over Bluetooth. However, automatic reconnection may be desirable in some applications, such as residences and private offices, so the unD6IO-BT now enables flexible pairing/connect options. In Default mode, users must press the Pair button every time they want to connect, as in the past. The new Reconnect mode permits a previously paired device to automatically reconnect when in range of the unD6IO-BT. In the new Exclusive Connect mode, only one exclusively paired device will be permitted to automatically reconnect when in range of the unD6IO-BT, enabling restricted or personal use.

With this update, the unD6IO-BT supports Audio Video Remote Control Protocol (AVRCP) pass-through for source control of a connected Bluetooth audio media device. The unD6IO-BT can “bridge” supported transport control commands over the network so that a connected device can be operated remotely, without the user needing to be at the device. For example, a user could leave a cell phone charging in one room and remote-control music streaming from the phone using an AV system control panel located elsewhere in the facility. Supported commands include Play, Pause, Stop, Next Track, Previous Track, Volume Up, Volume Down, and Mute.

In addition, the unD6IO-BT plug-ins for unIFY Control Panel (UCP) and Q-SYS Designer have been updated to include integrator options for real-time media transport control and monitoring of the connected device metadata (artist/album/song/device name). The device plug-in has also been updated to support DDM compatibility.

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