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Fort Wayne, IN—September 2019… Attero Tech, a leading manufacturer of AV connectivity solutions, has introduced the Axiom ML1, the latest product in its Axiom series of audio extension I/O modules. Axiom products are simple, flexible, and installation-friendly audio connectivity and audio signal extension solutions for installed audio applications. They are especially recommended for cost-sensitive applications such as education, retail, small hospitality, and house of worship.

The new Axiom ML1 provides extension of analog mic- and line-level audio sources in a single-gang, Decora-style wallplate. Its combo XLR and ¼-inch input connector accepts dynamic microphones, with 40 dB of adjustable gain, and offers a fixed attenuator pad for the ¼-inch connector, with +4 dBu nominal input level. A 3.5 mm jack with -10 dBV (consumer) nominal input level features 20 dB of adjustable gain and is summed to mono.

Front panel gain knobs are provided for the combo mic input and the 3.5 mm input. Audio signal-level indicator LEDs for each input provide quick feedback for proper input gain adjustments. Selectable sum-to-mono options for both inputs allow two ML1s or an ML1 and another Axiom device to be daisy-chain connected on a single bus.

Like other Axiom-series audio extension modules, the Axiom ML1 sends mono or stereo analog audio for up to 100 meters (total run length) over the Attero Tech Axiom bus, via CAT5 or CAT6 cable, to an Axiom AXP2O expander unit. The AXP2O, in turn, outputs balanced analog audio on 3-pin depluggable connectors for easy connection to commercial audio equipment. The AXP2O also enables RS-232 control integration for Axiom products featuring control, with initial configuration supported through Attero Tech’s unIFY Control Panel software.

The Axiom ML1 and AXP2O are available immediately. For more information, please visit www.atterotech.com/products/audio-extension-io-modules.

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