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Big Studio Tricks For The Small Studio

 Los Angeles, CA  – March 2015 … Producer-mixer-author Bobby Owsinski has launched his new 101 Mixing Tricks online coaching program that’s designed to help musicians, songwriters and even experienced engineers take their mixes to the next level. Presented in a video format, Owsinski shares the secret mixing tips and tricks gathered from some of the all-time great hit makers in a visual presentation that makes it easy to instantly apply to your own mixes.
“I’ve been collecting mixing tricks from all the best mixers for a long time,” says Owsinski. “It’s not uncommon for an engineer to find a need for something special to make a mix really pop, and just having just one of these tricks available can be the difference between a mix that rocks and one that falls flat.”
101 Mixing Tricks is divided into 5 modules: drums and percussion, guitar and bass, keyboards, lead and background vocals, and a specialty module featuring tricks and tips for EQ, compression, automation, sound replacement and balance.
What’s more:

  • The tricks will work with any DAW app, or even on an analog or digital console.
  • The vast majority of tricks utilize only the native apps in your DAW and don’t require any special or expensive plugins.

The 101 Mixing Tricks videos are available 24/7 to registered users and come with a downloadable PDF checklist to help setup the trick while you’re mixing. There’s also a dedicated Mixing Tricks forum, and Owsinski is available for regular call-in sessions to answer any questions.
Bobby Owsinski’s 101 Mixing Tricks coaching program is normally priced at $497 but is now available at a special introductory price of $297 until April 1st. Also included in the introductory special is a bonus consisting of DAW editing tricks used by the pros to clean up tracks before the mix even begins.
Registration for 4 free mixing tricks as well as more detailed information is available at 101mixingtricks.com.

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