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Whitinsville, MA – March 2015…  Fulcrum Acoustic has announced the integration of support for the company’s Temporal Equalization with select Ashly DSP-based products.
Level 1 TQ Processing provides the highest fidelity from Fulcrum Acoustic products through the use of both FIR and IIR filters. TQ Level 1 supported products will include Ashly’s DSP Processors, nXp Two-Channel and Multi-Channel Amplifiers, and Pema™ Media Amplifiers.
“Voicing” files for Ashly products are available for download from the Fulcrum Acoustic website. These are native files that are compatible with the Library Management System built into the current (V5.23) release of Ashly’s Protea System Software. This feature allows users to automatically load a voicing file to the device’s output stage in a simple, one-step operation. Individual voicing files are available for each Fulcrum Acoustic product.
“We are excited to add Ashly products to our stable of Level 1 compliant hardware,” notes Todd Foster, Fulcrum Acoustic’s Director of Sales. “Ashly has a well-established reputation for their solid, cost-effective products, and we are confident that Fulcrum users will benefit from the availability of Level 1 TQ performance for these models.”
Scott Leslie, Ashly’s Executive VP adds “Ashly is pleased to be a part of the Fulcrum TQ ecosystem. With this new integration, customers can quickly and precisely configure Ashly products, especially our new line of nXp Class D amplifiers, to create the optimum sonic solution with Fulcrum’s industry leading loudspeaker solutions”.
Fulcrum Level 1 TQ support is available on a wide range of products from companies including Ashly, Biamp, Crown, Symetrix, Peavey, Powersoft, QSC, and BSS.
For more information, visit www.fulcrum-acoustic.com

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