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Santa Barbara, CA—October 2019… Visionary Solutions, Inc., a leader in innovative network AV solutions, has partnered with Automation Connection to add support for Visionary’s AV-over-IP encoders and decoders in Automation Connection’s DTVGameControl software for iPad.

DTVGameControl is a floor-plan-based, turnkey iPad application with integrated guide data for controlling DirecTV, cable, and Dish Network receivers; video tiling; video walls; and audio sources in any hospitality environment. The software eliminates embarrassing searches for broadcast games by providing staff with quick access to all daily sporting events by zip code and using easily recognized, sport-themed icons. Its Game Day tabs detail sporting events currently playing, and a channel guide provides access to games throughout the day. DTVGameControl’s Morning Sequence automatically turns on all of TVs each morning and sets them to the desired channel at the programmed time.

Founded in 1995, Visionary Solutions, Inc. is a pioneering manufacturer of equipment that provides real-time transport of audio and video over IP networks. With SD, HD and 4K encoders that support such technology standards as Dante, AES67, H.264, and JPEG2000, VSI delivers high-quality AV-over-IP solutions for enterprise, education, healthcare, government, professional AV, cable, broadband, and broadcast applications.

“Visionary Solutions and Automation Connection are natural partners,” points out Visionary Solutions COO Scott Freshman. “Today’s sports bars and a rapidly increasing number of restaurants rely on networked audio and video. We offer the best AV end points for these networks, and DTVGameControl is by far the best control solution for networked sports programming. With its new drivers, DTVGameControl integrates smoothly with our endpoints, and bar and restaurant staff and patrons will love the results.”

“Partnering with Visionary Solutions is a true pleasure,” comments DTVGameControl Sales/Marketing Manager Beth Slovinac. “VSI has an extraordinary team with a passion for AV-over-IP that matches their world-class technical expertise. They are devoted to making AV-over-IP systems better and easier for the end user, and that’s what DTVGameControl is all about. Sports bar and restaurant staff will be amazed at what they can do with Visionary Solutions-based AV and DTVGameControl.”

For more about DTVGameControl, visit www.dtvgamecontrol.com. For more about Visionary Solutions, visit www.vsicam.com.

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