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Renkus-Heinz is pleased to announce that Garrison Parkin has joined the famed loudspeaker company as its new Southwest Territory Sales Manager for Southern California, Southern Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and El Paso, TX.

A 30-year pro AV industry veteran, Parkin has worked in nearly every facet of the industry. He got his start in rentals and staging at McCune Sound in the 1980s, doing everything from hotel AV to corporate shows and large-venue concerts. Since then, Parkin has worked as an installer, project manager, programmer, design engineer, and system salesman and holds many pro and commercial product certifications. Based in Southern California, Parkin has assisted with numerous high profile installations while continuing to work as a live sound engineer for numerous bands and venues.

“If you work in AV in Southern California, especially, you probably already know who Garrison Parkin is and why we’re so excited to have him on our team,” observes Renkus-Heinz Western Regional Sales Manager Dudley McLaughlin. “If you’re not working in his region, a quick look at his accomplishments and credits should suffice. Garrison is extremely knowledgeable and capable in every aspect of pro AV, and he’s great to work with. He understands the AV challenges of any type of project and venue and how to meet them, and he has a deep understanding of Renkus-Heinz and the solutions we offer.”

“Working with Renkus-Heinz is a natural move for me,” offers Parkin. “With Renkus-Heinz, you always get outstanding audio quality, precise coverage, top-quality construction, and great support. ICONYX of course has become legendary but when you consider the Renkus-Heinz line as a whole, you realize you can design exactly the right sound-reinforcement solution for any space, no matter how simple or complex. Selling a product line like this is a dream gig.”

Garrison Parkin can be reached at garrison.parkin@renkus-heinz.com. For more information about Renkus-Heinz and its products, visit www.renkus-heinz.com.

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