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By ncrews@timelesscom.com (Naomi Crews)

Audio anywhere in any configuration is a primary benefit of the new Dante-based Symetrix processing infrastructure at the Hotel Roanoke & Convention Center in Virginia, US. (c) Hilton Worldwide

ROANOKE, VA — IES Communications AV project manager Jim Hogan and his team upgraded the audio setup used for the Hotel Roanoke & Convention Center with a system based around seven Symetrix SymNet Radius AEC and three SymNet Radius 12×8 open architecture Dante-scalable DSPs.

More details from Symetrix (www.symetrix.co):

Co-owned by Hilton Properties, the City of Roanoke and Virginia Tech, the Hotel Roanoke & Convention Center is a far-ranging complex that includes extensive business and entertainment facilities. Originally built in 1882 and renovated many times since, the hotel includes multiple meeting spaces and …read more

Source: FOH Online

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