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By ncrews@timelesscom.com (Naomi Crews)

Bal Rayat recorded the sounds of a Jaguar XE S sports sedan,using Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid Wireless® Technology.

BIRMINGHAM, U.K. — During more than a decade as a U.K.-based sound recordist Bal Rayat has frequently labored under punishing conditions, from desert to dense forest, but even those extremes could not have prepared him for his latest project, capturing the sounds of a Jaguar.

More details from Lectrosonic (www.lectrosonic.com):

Happily, the beast that Bal faced was a prototype Jaguar XE S sports sedan, which he recorded at the company’s assembly plant in England’s West Midlands using Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid Wireless® Technology.

“It sounded amazing, absolutely amazing,” reports Bal, who was hired by the advertising agency. “The client is very, …read more

Source: FOH Online

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