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Get It In Writing CEO Daniel Liston Keller will be moderating the “Future of Music Technology” panel at this year’s South By Southwest convention in Austin, TX with guests John LaGrou (Millenia Media), Elizabeth Lewin (Synthtopia) and David Battino (Batmosphere). We’ll be diving into new technologies for creating and manipulating sounds, new approaches to hardware and software UIs, and the rapid acceleration of AR/VR/XR, as well as other factors driving the evolution of today’s creative tools. The panelists will share their insights for staying current on advances in music and production technology, understanding evolutionary cycles, discerning between incremental trends and true paradigm shifts, and a deeper dive into what’s on the horizon for the next five years.

For more info, check the SXSW website: https://schedule.sxsw.com/2020/events/PP904043

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