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By ncrews@timelesscom.com (Naomi Crews)

Estádio da Luz interior view

LISBON, Portugal – Estádio da Luz receives an audio upgrade with the help of Electro-Voice and Dynacord.

More details from Electro-Voice (www.electrovoice.com):

  • Stadium of S.L.Benfica equipped with new sound reinforcement system
  • Electro-Voice EVH and EVID loudspeakers, Dynacord DSA power amplifiers and P 64 digital audio matrix manager installed
  • Hesse + Partner planned installation

Electro-Voice EVH and EVID loudspeakers

Portugal’s showcase stadium, the Estádio da Luz, has been equipped with a new Electro-Voice and Dynacord sound reinforcement system. The centerpiece of the installation in the home of S.L.Benfica comprises Electro-Voice EVH and EVID loudspeakers as well …read more

Source: FOH Online

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