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 Hollywood, CA – February 2015… Mixing from the stage while performing is a time-honored tradition, though not one most musicians relish. But with the help of his Mackie DL32R digital mixer and iPad, jazz bassist and FOH engineer Ryan Cross turns what could be a chore into a major plus. “It’s amazing to have an iPad on a music stand and be able to adjust things very quickly while playing,” he notes.
The owner of Ryan Cross Presents used to mix with a Mackie analog board, going digital with the Mackie DL1608 before stepping up to the DL32R. The DL series’ wireless control has made a big difference in his work. “I couldn’t do gigs like the weekly Jazz Night at the W Hotel in Hollywood without Mackie’s wireless iPad control,” muses Cross.
“It’s an unconventional space, with high, vaulted ceilings and very little acoustical treatment, and we have three auxiliary speaker systems spread throughout the venue to achieve consistent coverage,” Cross explains. “With the DL32R and Mackie’s Master Fader iPad app, I can go to the different sections of the space, hear what the customers hear, and dial in the system. And we can save the EQ settings for each speaker so the system is perfectly tuned each week.”
Cross is thrilled with Mackie’s Master Fader control app. “Master Fader is awesome,” he gushes. “You can view everything at once and control it from the screen. You can pull up fader groups, tweak every channel’s EQ, and control dynamics. It’s so intuitive and easy to use. The entire mixing experience is a vast improvement over anything I’ve used before.”
Being able to save and recall all settings “changed everything,” says Cross. “Now we can truly dial everything in, save it, and have the mix be exactly the same every time. We also save the monitor mixes for everybody’s in-ears so no matter where we go, the monitor mixes are the same.”
As much as Cross loved his DL1608, he says he’s blown away by the DL32R. “The sound is even better,” he enthuses. “The new preamps alone are worth the purchase. But there’s so much more to this mixer—and you can hear the difference. The sound is clear, crisp, and warm but not piercing. Many people have remarked on the difference, and we can feel it on stage.”
Cross has found creative uses for the DL32R, as well. “I utilize it as an effects processor for my bass, putting extra reverb or delay on the bass and tapping in the delay tempo,” he explains. “That has changed my whole approach because it’s incorporated into my playing.”
The veteran bass player’s bottom line: “I absolutely love the Mackie DL32R and Master Fader. They’re simply amazing and very impressive!”

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