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EM_ECA_2015Chino, CA – February 2015… Electronic Musician has named the Manley CORE as winner of their coveted Editors’ Choice Award for 2015.
The CORE is a new and innovative channel strip that combines the best of Manley’s acclaimed technologies in a powerful, easy-to-use design. Built upon a 25-year legacy producing revered recording studio equipment for top recording engineers and musicians, Manley Labs has combined its CORE technologies to deliver maximum flexibility at an affordable price.
Starting with the same highly acclaimed Class A Preamp circuitry found in the Manley VOXBOX®, Dual Mono, and Mono Microphone Preamplifiers, the CORE integrates Manley’s unique ELOP®-based compression, limiting, and equalization circuitries into a powerful integrated package that delivers Manley’s inimitable sonic signature, at a surprisingly affordable price.
mcore_ft_3-19-14 copyThe CORE is designed for today’s musicians, with an intuitive yet feature-rich front panel that enables artists to concentrate on the performance without being submerged in a sea of knobs and switches. Easy to use, musical and forgiving, the CORE makes it easier than ever to cut a great sounding track.
“We are both thrilled and honored that Electronic Musician’s esteemed editorial team has recognized the CORE with this award,” remarked Manley Labs President and Co-Founder EveAnna Manley. “The CORE represents an exciting new direction for Manley Labs, and the response to it has been overwhelming. It’s truly a privilege to receive the acknowledgement of one of our industry’s most prestigious publications.”

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