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Thousand Oaks, CA—July 2018…Acoustic® Amplifiers’ new Classic Series bass combo amplifiers deliver amazing performance and tone in a compact design that pays homage to tried-and-true Acoustic amps from decades past. The Classic Series debuts with three feature-packed amps: the B25C, B50C, and B100C bass combo amps.

A great choice for the bass player who needs enough power for home practice and rehearsal without compromising on tone, the 25-watt Acoustic B25C features an 8-inch, custom-voiced, ferrite speaker and a tilt-back cabinet design that ensures you and your bandmates can hear your performances, even at low volumes. The re-designed three-band EQ, Shape Switch, and adjustable Overdrive circuit with Blend control along with lots of clean headroom enable a wide variety of tones, making the B25C well suited for many musical genres and styles. The 1/8-inch headphone output is ideal for private practice, and a 1/8-inch Aux In allows you to connect external music devices for convenient play-along and practice.

The Acoustic B50C boasts a 10-inch, custom-voiced, ferrite speaker and packs 50 watts of clean bass power, making it a terrific grab ‘n’ go bass amp for small-venue performances, as well as rehearsals and personal practice. Like all of the Classic Series Combos, it features a tilt-back cabinet design for practice and onstage monitoring and an adjustable Overdrive circuit with Blend control, enabling precise drive control, from subtle to snarling. Its re-designed four-band EQ provides plenty of tone-sculpting possibilities, as does a Shape switch for quick and easy tone adjustments on the fly. Like the B25C, the B50C provides an 1/8-inch headphone output and an 1/8-inch Aux In for external devices.

With 100W of clean power driving a 12-inch, custom-voiced, ferrite speaker, the Acoustic B100C is a versatile performance amp, while its tilt-back cabinet design enables precise personal monitoring for practice and rehearsal. The B100C offers an extensive set of tone-sculpting features, including an adjustable Overdrive circuit with Blend control and a re-designed four-band EQ with a Frequency Notch control for precise adjustment of mid-band frequencies. In addition to an 1/8-inch headphone output and an 1/8-inch Aux In for external devices, the B100C provides such pro features as an effects loop, a full featured XLR direct out with pre/post EQ switch and level control for feeding outboard mixers and PAs, and a ground-lift circuit.

In addition to the combo amps, Acoustic’s Classic Series also debuts the new B115C 1×15” bass cabinet, delivering the smooth, classic Acoustic sound with plenty of low-end punch. Featuring a 15-inch, custom-designed, traditional ferrite speaker and a defeatable high-frequency horn driver in a rear ported cabinet, the B115C handles 350 watts into 8 ohms. Its tough, high-quality, plywood cabinet enhances tone for an impact that is felt onstage and the caster-ready sockets and convenient, spring-loaded side handles are designed for easy transporting. The B115C sports a single Speakon-style input jack and parallel ¼-inch speaker jacks that enable running multiple cabinets from a single head. The B115C joins the B410C Classic 4×10” cab, debuted last year, to complete the Classic Series.

Acoustic’s Classic Series bass combos and bass cabinets are available at Guitar Center, Musician’s Friend, Music and Arts, and Woodwind & Brasswind. For more information about Acoustic Amplifiers, visit http://acousticamplification.com.

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