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(l to r)Ralph Heinz (RH CTO), Joe Fustolo (RH Eastern Regional Sales Mgr), Gary Dunaway, Andy Yost, Ryan Schmidt, Andy Kerr, Anthony Barbuto (McFadden Sales)

Orange County, CA — February 2019… At this year’s NAMM Convention, Renkus-Heinz recognized its leading manufacturer’s representatives for top sales and outstanding achievements.

Receiving the award for Rep of the Year was Frequency Sales of Des Plaines, IL. The company covers Northern Illinois and Wisconsin for Renkus-Heinz. Outstanding Achievement Awards were presented to San Antonio, TX-based Native Media and McFadden Sales of Westerville, OH. Native Media’s territory includes Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. McFadden Sales covers Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania.

Dudley McLaughlin (RH Western Regional Sales Mgr), Michael Austin (Native Media)


“We’re truly honored to be recognized as Rep of the Year by Renkus-Heinz,” remarked Gene Williams, Frequency Sales Founder and President. “The company has long been a leader in loudspeaker technology, and we’ve recommended their products in a great many challenging projects. It’s not hard to sell a great product, and Renkus-Heinz makes it easy for us.”

“Renkus-Heinz has a long history as one of the legendary names in our industry,” observed Michael Austin of Native Media. “Their products have been a go-to solution for our customers. We’re proud to represent them and appreciate this recognition.”



James Allen, Gene Williams, Joe Fustolo

“We’ve represented Renkus-Heinz for many years, and it’s been a very rewarding relationship for us all,” concluded Andy Yost of McFadden Sales. “Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers have been behind many of our most successful projects, and that means happy customers.”

“Hearty congratulations to all our rep firms,” added Joe Fustolo, Renkus-Heinz Eastern Regional Sales Manager. “Their entire crew are top-notch — talented people who really understand the technology, and genuinely great guys who know how to treat their customers.”


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