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Toronto, ON, Canada—August 2018… Renkus-Heinz is delighted to name Contact Distribution of Canada its Distributor of the Year. Headed up by founder and Director Bill Coons, the Toronto-based firm has distributed Renkus-Heinz products since 2000, including installations in iconic performing arts centers; recital halls; a wide range of arenas, including NHL facilities; multiple city hall counsel chambers; large entertainment complexes; and almost all of the Catholic basilicas in Canada.

“Bill Coons is a speaker guy through and through, and his enthusiasm and grasp of acoustics makes that instantly apparent,” remarks Renkus-Heinz Chief Technology Officer Ralph Heinz. “His understanding and passion, and that of his staff, has inspired the upper echelon of Canadian contractors to choose Renkus-Heinz for many challenging and rewarding system placements. Contact Distribution is a terrific partner, and we laud their ever-increasing success. This award is very well deserved.”

“When I first met the team at Renkus-Heinz, I was instantly aware that they were different from most manufacturers,” recalls Coons. “The relationship is personal, and that’s critically important for success. They embraced our Canadian consultants and contractors with support beyond what other brands offered. They came up to shows, technical presentations, and demonstrations, forging sincere, long-term relationships. And of course, Renkus-Heinz products enable our customers to resolve challenges with technology no other solution can match.”

For more information about Contact Distribution, visit www.contactdistribution.com. For more about Renkus-Heinz, visit www.renkus-heinz.com.

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