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Thousand Oaks, CA—March 2019… Simmons, pioneering creator of electronic drums since 1978, ushers in a new era of functionality and value with the DA50B and DA200SB drum combo amplifiers. Both models lead their class with wireless, easy-to-use Bluetooth® connectivity. When learning new songs, the musician can stream playlists from the paired device. A slanted wedge design fires sound directly at a seated drummer.

With 50 watts of clean, efficient Class-D power driving a 10-inch woofer and 2-inch tweeter, the DA50B is ideal for solo practice, band rehearsals, and even smaller live performances. The DA200SB can serve as the drummer’s primary monitor at professional gigs. Powered by 200 watts of amplification, it offers true stereo sound using dual 6.5-inch woofers and dual 2.5-inch tweeters, plus a 12-inch, downward-firing subwoofer. A separate level control for the subwoofer lets you dial in the perfect amount of boom so you can feel the beat.

Both models offer stereo ¼-inch line inputs for the electronic drum “brain,” a ¼-inch auxiliary input with dedicated gain control for routing a click track or other external mono signal, and a 1/8-inch stereo input for connecting media players. The DA200SB adds line-level outputs on the rear panel for connecting additional speakers and XLR balanced L/R outputs for passing sound to the house P.A. without a direct box.

Each model features a 1/8-inch stereo headphone jack that defeats the internal speakers for silent practice. A three-band EQ makes it quick and easy to adjust the tone for the room. Large, smooth-moving knobs are inset with a dimple perfectly sized for a drumstick, letting the drummer make accurate adjustments in the heat of battle.

The Simmons DA50B and DA200SB drum combo amps are available at Guitar Center stores and Musician’s Friend online (musiciansfriend.com) for street prices of $249.99 and $349.99, respectively. To view the full line of Simmons electronic drums and related products and read the story of inventor Dave Simmons, visit http://simmonsdrums.net.


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