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Thousand Oaks, CA—October 2019… Simmons, the first name in electronic drum kits, has introduced its new SD1200 Mesh-Head Electronic Drum Kit, a top-tier performance kit for the advanced drummer. The SD1200 comes with the Simmons Signature Sound Library, an expansive 764-sound collection of the world’s most coveted drum kits and snares.

The new kit includes a responsive 12-inch, dual-zone snare; two 8-inch and one 10-inch, dual zone toms; and a 6-inch kick drum. The dual zones enable triggering alternate voices.

You also get a 12-inch, two-zone crash cymbal and a 14-inch, triple-zone (bell/bow/edge) ride cymbal with a choke function for dynamic effects. A variable pedal controls the 12-inch, dual-zone hi-hat to get smooth semi-open sounds, trashy edge accents, splash, and more. An optional expansion kit adds another dual-zone crash cymbal and floor tom.

All drum pads and the kick drum employ dual-layer, tension-adjustable mesh heads for a customizable, acoustic feel. The snare drum comes with a completely customizable snare stand, and the kick drum’s non-slip stand makes it simple to mount your favorite beater pedal. It’s all anchored to a new hybrid hex rack with die-cast mounts, preventing drums from slipping when played.

The SD1200 sound module features a large, full-color graphic LCD screen for a detailed look at kits and editing parameters. Dedicated faders, knobs, and buttons simplify kit customization, from changing the mix to extensive sound design. The module includes Bluetooth MIDI for wireless connectivity to a smartphone, tablet, or computer. A USB input enables importing your own .wav files and playback of .wav or mp3 files from a USB drive for performance or practice. The Simmons Advanced App for iOS can be used to customize kits, record new samples, and practice with recorded tracks.

The Simmons Signature Sound Library was recorded with the same world-class audio equipment employed on many classic albums. Simmons’ VAR technology offers many dynamic levels, resulting in true-to-life feel and sound. Classic cymbals with stereo samples have a long, natural decay for maximum realism. A wealth of world percussion and vintage electronic drums rounds out the collection.

“If you’re an advanced drummer working to master your craft, and you want a versatile, top-tier kit for practice, rehearsal and performing, look no further than the SD1200,” asserts Simmons Product Manager Jeff Laity. “As a serious player, you’ll appreciate the response of the cymbals and the expressiveness of mesh-head drums. The sound library is exceptional, with many of the most sought-after acoustic drums, world percussion, and vintage Simmons sounds. And the sound modules gives you all the tools you need to customize and design your own sounds. Playing the SD1200 is a delight.”

The Simmons SD1200 Mesh-Head Electronic Drum Kit is available now. For more information visit www.simmonsdrums.net or your favorite music retailer.

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