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Danbury, CT — April 2017… Bounce! Trampoline Sports® is a franchised entertainment complex geared toward young adults and children of all ages. With specialized spaces for trampoline basketball, dodgeball (using a soft foam ball), a foam pit you can leap into, and one of the largest trampolines in the USA, it’s a fun workout for 20-somethings and a great way for kids to burn energy. The Bounce! facility in Danbury, Connecticut, also offers five private party rooms that are rented out for birthdays and other events. Each space in the 40,000-square-foot facility requires a high quality and flexible sound system for background music and announcements.

“To meet Bounce!’s requirements for their Danbury complex, we needed to design a system with powerful capabilities across multiple zones and very serious digital signal input processing,” recalls Senior Designer Leo Garrison of A/V systems integrator Metro Sound Pros. “We based the system on a Symetrix® Radius 12×8 EX DSP with an xOut 4 output expansion card, which provided a very cost-effective way to achieve the inputs and outputs required for the facility.”

“Symetrix DSP products provide transparent equalization, dynamics control, and a very simplified end user interface,” notes Cardone, Solomon & Associates regional sales manager Rich Trombitas. “These features are essential for a sound system in a high-quality indoor recreational facility like Bounce!”

Symetrix’ Radius 12×8 EX is a powerful, efficient DSP that features a configurable input/output option card slot, 64×64 Dante™, 12 analog mic/line inputs, and 8 analog outputs, making it a popular choice for a wide variety of applications. With the xOut 4 option card, the Radius-based system Garrison designed for the Danbury Bounce! complex provides 12 analog outputs.

Five Symetrix ARC-2e single-gang wall panels provide menu-driven remote control for the Radius EX. Each ARC-2e offers an 8-character backlit display and can control multiple basic functions or complex logic-based events, including volume, presets, source selection, room combining, and more. The three buttons navigate among up to 24 menus, adjust parameters, and enable or disable the wall panel.

Programming the Radius DSP was straightforward, thanks to Symetrix’ Composer software for Windows, which is the front end for Symetrix Radius, Prism, Edge, and Solus NX DSPs. “The Symetrix Composer software dramatically simplified the creation of presets to accommodate the Danbury facility’s needs,” Garrison states. “Composer is open architecture, so were able to program any audio signal routings, DSP modules, and control-signal processing we needed.”

The new Radius-driven sound system has been a big success. “With the Symetrix Radius DSP, we were able to hit all of the client’s goals and accommodated all of their needs for the Danbury facility. They are very pleased,” reports Garrison. “Indoor recreational facilities are a growing phenomenon across the northeast, so we are doing an increasing number of projects like this,” adds Trombitas. “When we specify those systems, we’ll continue to rely on Symetrix DSPs.”


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