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Seattle, WA—April 2019… Symetrix has selected independent manufacturer rep firm TCB Sales LLC to handle regional sales in Northern California and Northern Nevada. Established in 2018, TCB Sales maintains offices in Livermore and Modesto, California, serving AV integrators, consultants, electricians, and end users.

“We’re excited about representing Symetrix in our region,” declares TCB Sales founder and principal Rob Belt. “Symetrix is a leading innovator in installed systems DSP, with top-quality products, excellent Dante support, and first-rate customer service. Their Composer software makes Symetrix products easy to program and enables fast, seamless integration with third-party equipment. We are proud to offer these outstanding products to our customers in Northern California and Northern Nevada.”

“TCB Sales is a relatively new company but its team consists of seasoned industry veterans,” observes Symetrix Regional Sales Manager Jim Latimer. “Rob Belt has represented manufacturers in his region for more than 20 years, and he and his team at TCB Sales have earned enviable reputations. Symetrix is a customer-centric and nimble organization, delivering responsiveness, consistently open communications, and outstanding technical support. The same is true of TCB Sales, making this a natural alliance.”

For more information on TCB Sales, visit www.tcbsalesreps.com.

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