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Seattle, WA—June 2019… New faces and new features will be central attractions at Symetrix’ booth 5868 at InfoComm 2019 in Orlando. In the former category, new CEO Mark Graham, new DBO Rachelle Graham, and new Sales Administrator Tylene Robinson will be available to meet visitors. In the latter category, Symetrix will show software updates and new hardware that you’ll definitely want to check out for your upcoming projects. 

Symetrix’ Composer 7.2 DSP- and control-programming application adds a number of important features, including monitoring of Powersoft Duecanali, Ottocanali, X4, and X8 amplifiers and Panasonic WP-9XX amplifiers. A new Emailer Control Output module, when triggered, can send an email message with predetermined subject and body copy to a predetermined email address via a predetermined email server. With version 7.2, the Input label of the output tab of a Matrix Selector now displays the channel name, instead of the input number, enabling source selection by text and drop-down menu. In addition, users can now change the unit type of an existing design in a site file, and only the physical attributes of the unit (inputs and outputs) will change, while all other processes stay the same, including control screens.

While you’re in a Composer state of mind, sneak a peek at the upcoming version 7.3. This update adds integration for Attero Tech Zip4 and paging stations and enables a Radius NX DSP to be a USB host for multitrack recording.

Composer’s SymVue GUI authoring features also have been updated. Until now, level controls could be horizontal or vertical faders or a knob; now you can also choose up (+) and down (-) buttons that can be configured like other buttons in the control screen, enabling volume change without dragging a fader or requiring custom logic that turns a fader into a button. Text entry is faster with the latest version of SymVue: When one or more controls are selected in Edit mode, typing text changes the text displayed on the control where appropriate, without having to select the text property in the Properties window. In addition, dedicated hot keys make it fast and easy to increase/decrease the font size of a selected control in a control screen.

Last year, Symetrix showed prototypes of the new Radius NX DSP, T-5 high-resolution touchscreen, and PD-1 Telco dialer. Now they’re shipping, and you can check them out at InfoComm.

Be sure to see the demo of Symetrix’ strong integration with the world of AVoIP, including paging integration, end-user control, and third-party integration. Audio, video, and control for the demo will all be over a local network, showing how Symetrix products enable you to create a complete business music solution. In addition, don’t miss the video wall demo, in which the company will demonstrate the video-, audio-, and control-routing capabilities that make Symetrix your best choice for room combining.

Finally, while visiting the booth and talking with the Symetrix staff, enjoy a cup of Cuban coffee and enter a drawing to have dinner and a cigar with CEO Mark Graham. It’s all waiting for you at InfoComm booth 5868.

For more information about Symetrix and its products, visit www.symetrix.co.

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