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Seattle, WA—May 2019… Symetrix is pleased to announce the appointment of Vector Corporation as its manufacturer representative in the Pacific Northwest region, including Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and western Montana. Incorporated in 1962, the Woodinville, Washington, rep firm primarily serves the low-voltage audio, video, and security markets.

“Vector Corporation has been providing outstanding customer service and technical support since the Beatles released ‘Love Me Do’ and the Space Needle was completed in Seattle,” observes Symetrix Western Regional Sales Manager Scott Wrege. “Their work ethic is amazing, and so is their product knowledge. Vector Corporation is known for going the extra mile for customers, and since they represent Symetrix in our home region, that means they’re taking great care of our neighbors. We couldn’t have made a better choice.”

“We carry only high-quality lines that we know will fully satisfy our customers and meet their needs,” muses Vector Corporation principal Ted Poulos. “Symetrix is a perfect fit for us, with powerful, easy to program, affordable DSPs, control panels, and other products that work well in a wide variety of applications.” “We love that Symetrix stays on top of the latest technology and implements it extremely well,” adds Vector Corporation principal Bruce Main. “Whether you’re using Dante or analog in and out, Symetrix processors and controllers manage your audio-over-IP network reliably and elegantly and integrate smoothly with third-party networking products. It’s the right solution for our customers.”

For more information about Vector Corporation, visit http://vectorcorp.com. For more about Symetrix, visit www.symetrix.co.

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