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By jf@fohonline.com (Frank Hammel)

Buddy Moorhead Stadium at Conroe High School

CONROE, TX — TASC A/V installed an R6-51 high-output, horn-loaded loudspeaker system from Community Professional for Conroe High School’s Buddy Moorhead Stadium. The new system has been credited for boosting intelligibility and coverage within the stadium, which opened in 1963 and seats 8,421.

More details from Community Professional (www.communitypro.com):

Named after a legendary football coach and home to the Conroe Independent School District’s numerous High School athletic teams, Buddy Moorhead Stadium continues a proud tradition of Texas high school football.

Community R6-51 Loudspeakers in the ScoreboardThe stadium’s artificial turf and competition …read more

Source: FOH Online

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