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 Woodinville, WA – January 2015…  Top call bassist Tim Lefebvre has joined the Ampeg family as an artist endorser.
Lefebvre, a native of Foxboro, Massachusetts, is a busy artist and composer who has made his mark on both coasts and across the globe. He’s a genre-busting chameleon, equally at home in funk, rock, freeform jazz, or pop, and has performed and recorded with a diverse spectrum of artists, including Elvis Costello, Sting, John Mayer, and Donald Fagen, to name just a few.
These days, Lefebvre is a regular on tour with the legendary Tedeschi Trucks Band, as well as jazz fusion wizard Wayne Krantz. He’s also in constant demand as a first-call session player in Southern California, contributing to dozens of movie scores and TV shows. Some of the movies he’s left his mark on include “Oceans Twelve,” “The Departed,” and “Analyze That,” along with episodes of “The Sopranos” and “30 Rock.”
A long-time Ampeg aficionado, Tim Lefebvre cites his various Ampeg models as an intrinsic part of his sound. “I love my Ampegs,” he asserts. “The SVT-VR rig I use with Tedeschi Trucks Band delivers more than enough power, and it gives me that old school, rough and tumble vibe that the music needs.”
Tim is also a busy session player, and Ampeg looms equally large in his studio work. “People really care about what gear you’re bringing into a session,” he adds. “My vintage B25B has rocked on many records, and B15s are a must-have at recording sessions.”
One thing is for certain – Tim Lefebvre has earned his reputation as a versatile, powerhouse player. His calendar is full, and his phone keeps on ringing. There’s little doubt we’ll be hearing a lot more from him.

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