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By ncrews@timelesscom.com (Naomi Crews)

Volkstheater (c) Christoph Sebastian

VIENNA, Austria – Musik Lenz provided K-array components to the Volkstheater in Vienna, including six KAN200+ (Anakonda) units for for front fill and a pair of KMT12P as well. The K-Array speakers are powered by a single KA24, 4-channel digital amp with DSP.

More details from K-array (www.k-array.com):

It has been 125 years of the Volkstheater in Vienna; a beautiful historic theater built in 1889 by the request of the citizens, as a popular counterpart to the Burgtheater, that was held by the aristocrats of the time. With an auditorium which was once the largest in the German speaking countries. …read more

Source: FOH Online

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