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Santa Barbara, CA – August 2018… Visionary Solutions, Inc., a leader in innovative high-bandwidth video networking solutions, announced the appointment of Erikson Audio as the company’s exclusive distributor in Canada.

A division of JAM Industries, Erikson Audio has been distributing professional audio and music equipment in Canada for over 25 years. In addition to office and warehouse space in Montreal, Canada, Erikson Audio has a dedicated sales rep force calling on retailers and professional sound installers across Canada.

Visionary Solutions’ 4K-over-IP solutions have been quickly breaking new ground in applications from government and healthcare to enterprise and entertainment. The company’s PacketTV® and PacketAV® products can be easily deployed on any existing IP network, making full cinema-quality UHD over standard Ethernet a reality.

“Visionary Solutions’ forward-thinking designs are a perfect fit with our expanding catalog of audio and video solutions,” remarked Tim Marshall, Erikson Audio Product Manager. “Bringing them into our roster now enables us to offer cost-effective and competitive solutions for routing 4K UHD video over Dante or AES67 networks.”

“We’re really pleased to have Erikson Audio representing Visionary Solutions in Canada,” added Visionary Solutions COO Scott Freshman. “They offer tremendous expertise in professional InstalledAV, as well as an unparalleled reputation for service and support, and a diverse staff that truly understands our technology and our customers. We are looking forward to a long and successful relationship.”

For more information on Erikson Audio, visit eriksonaudio.com or call 514-457-2555.

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