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Santa Barbara, CA—April 2018… Visionary Solutions, Inc., a leader in innovative high-bandwidth video networking solutions, announced the appointment of HWPco as the company’s manufacturer representative in the southeastern United States. HWPco’s territory includes North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Founded in 1970, HWPco represents multiple manufacturers across myriad disciplines, including audio, video, infrastructure, and security. To best serve customers in these markets, it has a unique model and approach and is structured in three divisions: AVL Systems, AVL Retail and Security.

Visionary Solutions’ 4K-over-IP solutions have been quickly breaking new ground in applications from government and healthcare to enterprise and entertainment. The company’s PacketTV® and PacketAV® products can be easily deployed on any existing IP network, making full cinema-quality UHD over standard Ethernet a reality.

“Our customers require the latest and best networking technology available,” remarks HWPco Principal/Director of Operations Marcus Myers. “With SD, HD, and 4K encoders that support the latest technology standards, such as Dante™, H.264, and JPEG2000, Visionary’s modular solutions are recognized around the world for their outstanding value, performance, flexibility, and quality. Like us, Visionary Solutions is focused on customer satisfaction through collaboration and hands-on support. They’re a trusted and extremely valuable partner for the high-quality AV-over-IP solutions that our customers need.”

“HWPco brings only the finest products and solutions to its many partners and customers and has a well-earned reputation for providing the highest level of support,” notes Visionary Solutions COO Scott Freshman. “They understand our market and the solutions we offer, and their philosophy is much like ours. We’re delighted that HWPco will represent us in the important southeastern U.S. region, and our customers will be delighted, as well.”

For more information and to contact HWPco, please visit www.hwpco.com or call 1-678-866-0511.

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