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Pacific, MO—January 2020… ZeroDay Technology Solutions provides white-glove, customized IT solutions across the rapidly evolving technology industry. “ZeroDay is a part of the Keeley Companies and makes up the technology arm of ADB Companies, providing turnkey, end-to-end solutions in the utility, technology, and wireless spaces,” explains ZeroDay Technical Architect Warren Klosterman. ZeroDay provides complex, network-focused AV integration, consistent collaborative solutions, seamless connectivity throughout an IT infrastructure, enhanced end-user experience, designed IT framework, and a proactive approach to virtual IT services.

Recently ADB built a new headquarters in Pacific, Missouri, that houses ADB, Mercury Communications, and part of the ZeroDay team. ZeroDay designed and installed an extensive AV network for the new headquarters, based on two Q-SYS Core 510i processors—one is a redundant backup—QSC amplifiers and loudspeakers, and Attero Tech by QSC Dante-networked audio wall plates. Three Cisco 9407 blade switches, fully populated, are linked in a triangle using 40 gigabit fiber uplinks, with copper cabling from the switches to the various spaces. “Any link can drop off, and everything else would keep running,” notes Klosterman.

The company hosts hundreds of events per year at both the Pacific facility and at the recently expanded Keeley Companies headquarters in downtown St. Louis. “At both locations we host KeeleyCares sponsored charity events, client-facing networking opportunities, KeeleyU training series, guest speakers, and holiday parties for our people,” Klosterman relates. “We often bring in a DJ, and the Attero Tech plates allow the DJ to plug in directly to the network. At the Pacific office, that lets them tie into the 16,700 watts of audio power that I designed into the building.” He laughingly admits, “I went a little overboard!”

The main conference/training room in the Pacific office features a 220-inch seamless LED video wall at the front, with Renkus-Heinz IC16-RD Dante-enabled steerable arrays on either side of the video wall. “I mounted five QSC 12-inch AD-S12 surface-mount subwoofers to the structure of the open ceiling,” Klosterman expounds. “Each has an 800-watt amp channel so I can set levels and time-delay them. There are six rows of QSC AD-C6T 6.5-inch pendant loudspeakers from the front to the back of the room, a total of 24 pendants. Each row has its own 400-watt amp channel. We’re using QSC CXD-Q amplifiers.”

Klosterman specified two Attero Tech by QSC unD6IO Dante wall panels in the conference/training room, one on either side of the room. The unD6IO equips the Dante network with a pair of XLR mic/line inputs, L/R RCA line inputs, a stereo 3.5 mm input, a 3.5 mm output, and two in-wall analog outputs. “We can plug into the 3.5 mm input, or we can plug in a wired microphone as a backup if our distributed wireless system fails,” he describes. “Because we are using QSC and Dante, I can provide a custom user interface to switch the 3.5 mm output on or off on the unD6I0 and route audio to it if someone wants to monitor with headphones.” The conference/training room is also equipped with a Dante-enabled Allen & Heath SQ-5 digital mixing console.

“There’s also one unD6I0 in an upstairs area we call the ‘All-In Lounge,’ which is a gathering and bar area that has 4 QSC subwoofers and 16 QSC pendants arranged around the acoustic clouds,” expounds Klosterman. “It has a party atmosphere, including three 75-inch planar displays and an outdoor terrace with Sonance speakers and is designed to allow a DJ to easily interface. With the flexibility of Dante, controlled over Q-SYS, I can make the unD6IO’s XLR inputs a mic feed or a line input for a DJ turntable—whatever I want.”

ZeroDay also put one unD6I0 into the Keeley headquarters downtown. “That’s in our large training room,” notes Klosterman. “We host hours of training and speakers through KeeleyU, and our largest event every year is the Keeley Bash with 1,100 attendees, including all of our partners. So, we can have a DJ plug in, and we have a lot of flexibility.”

Although Klosterman did not use the Bluetooth-equipped unD6IO-BT in the ADB and Keeley offices, ZeroDay ​has specified them for other projects. “There are a million uses for them, including as a Bluetooth solution for huddle rooms,” he confirms. “One of our partners just placed an order for the unD6IO-BT after we showed it to them in our training room in Pacific. We demonstrated the input flexibility they would have in a VIP area that they can rent out. They also wanted zone control, so we showed them the Attero Tech by QSC Axon C1 networked controller, and they ordered it.”

Klosterman finds a lot to like about Attero Tech by QSC products. “We like the overall Attero Tech product lineup,” he declares. “Now you can get AES67 and Dante on the same unit, so you don’t have to choose. I can just plug their wall panels into a network switch, without routing a bunch of analog connections, which decreases deployment time and hugely increases flexibility. Even as a backup in case a wireless or ceiling microphone system fails, most customers will pay for it.”

Klosterman emphasizes the advantages of an integrated solution. “We primarily use QSC Q-SYS Core processors, so the Attero Tech integration with Q-SYS is huge,” he details. “Everything just works, and we have not had a single issue with reliability. In the past, every year we had some functionality issue come up just before our annual Keeley Bash, which is our highest profile event. After reworking the audio solution throughout that facility, including switching to QSC and Attero Tech networked audio components, we’ve hosted at least two dozen events of various sizes, and they’ve all gone off without a single hiccup.”

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